AAKRUTI PVC Foam Display Boards in processing of PVC product since 15 years with rich experience in producing eco-friendly PVC Foam Display Boards and Section for various application like furniture, advertising, constructions and companies, our product are PVC Foam Display Boards  which are better than wood and can totally replace the wooden for environmental protection all AAKRUTI PVC Foam Display Boards product are being made with highest quality raw materials and under strict quality controls the manufacturing process of all of our product is environmental friendly and recyclable, AAKRUTI PVC Foam Display Boards and PVC Section mainly used in place of wood thus company is contributing major share to save the trees and help ultimately to protect global caution.

pvc ply door form sheet

Our PVC Foam Display Boards have innumerable applications; you can use them in all places where common plywood, marine plywood, or particle board can be used. We recommend you use our products for interior purposes only, avoid going for the exterior. The sheet can be published easily, and you can use PVC laminates and foil (paper) to make decorative furniture.


  • Moisture resistance
  • Sturdiness
  • Lightweight