These are ideal composition of wooden as well as plastic particles and hence offer the benefits of both the materials.

WPC Board is also known as Wood Plastic Composite Board is preferred extensively in these days. We fabricate them by means of the most innovative technology in obedience to the universal standards. These are preferred for their aspects such as resistance to humidity and moisture; they cannot be harmed by termites and corrosive substances. These thus have a good lifespan also have the excellent compressive strength and excellent screw gripping potential. These offer completely safe from fire as they are resistant to fire.

Our WPC Board in India is accessible in a number of sizes, shades, designs, thicknesses, and shapes and is ideal for applications in interior design, furniture making, door and windows making, etc. Our products are quality-examined and certified, and we offer them at highly competitive prices.

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PVC Foam Boards is regarded as excellent because they don’t need any lamination requirement prior to using them. Our high quality boards are ready to use and they offer the assurance of pleasant aesthetics apart from mechanical robustness. These are available in diverse shades and have excellent finishing.

These high-quality boards incorporate a hi-tech batching technique where a specific uniting of regular PVC compound is fitted with an accurate concentration of dye, enabling the producer to generate supreme-quality shades with no hassle but high swiftness. Thus, we can offer diverse coloured boards as and when preferred by our clients. These are strong and very durable. We offer PVC foam board in India, offering them after rigid quality assessment, ensuring they are flawless in their quality. We offer them at inexpensive rates.

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Our supreme grade 3 Layer Boards are of exceptional quality. We offer these in an exclusive range and are ideal substitutes for Plywood, MDF boards as well as Acrylic materials. These are known to offer many features that are highly favorable for application.

Importantly, these boards are appropriate for versatile application where customary technique for panel manufacture needs to be fixed with bonding agent along with Work. These can be reliably functional for diverse application devoid of any necessity for lamination process. Subsequently it need not necessitate other provisions as well as need least labor charges. This material is an excellent supply for modular Kitchen furnishing. Clients claim that this material is incredibly ideal because they reduce the expenses spent on labor or the material itself while saving a lot of time. These are accessible with matt surface apart from glossy and semi-glossy finishing.  We supply 3 Layer boards in India at incredible rates.

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PVC Sign Boards are ideal for creating diverse kinds of sign boards and display boards. This board material is toughly compressed PVC material and has properties such as light weightiness, resistance towards fire apart from being long-lasting. These are resistant to weather, rain and humidity, UV rays. These are very sturdy and have resistance towards damage because of its mechanical strength. It is also very inexpensive.

Our fabrication technique guarantees utilization of up-to-date technology as well as observing with Industrial criterions. Our products are quality examined and proved to deliver only quality laden products that are worth the money invested in and offer totally versatile application.

Our PVC Sign Boards in India are certain to be safe from destruction and damage. These are hence very cost-effective for the clients, and we offer them at highly competitive rates.

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